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Catch You Later: Recap of the Generation AI Cyber Challenge

Somewhere on a whiteboard in a classroom at the Universities of Shady Grove, swims a fish. Drawn in black marker, complete with a fedora, sunglasses, and a goatee, the sketchy-looking ichthyoid intones into a word bubble…

Phish, Flags, and Lesson Plans: Upcoming Hackathon for Generation AI Nexus

Is artificial intelligence (AI) the way of the future… or already the way of the present? Applications of AI surround us in our daily lives – ever use an app to get around traffic? How about checking your social media feeds? As our society integrates AI into our daily lives, it’s important to note that the upcoming generation has always lived with AI.

AI & Technology: Lending a Hand to People with Disabilities

Imagine waiting 30 minutes or longer to get through to a customer service center and when your call is finally answered, you can’t understand what the service representative is saying because you have a hearing impairment. Or you place a call to your doctor but aren’t able to communicate your needs to the medical staff because your speech is impaired. Or you are a child with autism and being in a classroom and interacting with your teacher and classmates overwhelms you with anxiety.

Challenges in Autonomy

Autonomy is a broad and complex topic, overlapping with artificial intelligence, unmanned systems, and human domains, with each domain needing to leverage …

Applications in Data Science: A Serious Game for Individuals with Cerebral Palsy

MITRE believes that data is the next medical innovation in health. How might connecting people and data reinvent the health experience? To find out, a team of researchers developed Home Assessments for Prompt Intervention (HAPI), a serious game that uses Microsoft Kinect-based joint tracking to detect critical changes in patients with cerebral palsy…

Evolving the Electronic Flight Bag

An electronic flight bag (EFB) may typically be used to replace pilots’ paper charts, but with some new developments, it could start to be more of a cognitive assistant. MITRE researchers….

Applications in Data Science: Relevance and Anomalies

There’s thinking about, talking about, and doing, and they all have a time and place in any domain. With data science, though, doers rule. A big bucket of ostensibly random stuff in the hands of a skilled practitioner becomes the stuff of art. Yup, even data about a fire hydrant.—Editor

Cultural Challenges in Data Science

In her previous post, Technical Challenges in Data Science, Amanda Andrei discussed the need for technical vigilance and with experts Dr. Elizabeth Hohman, statistician and group leader within MITRE’s Department of Data Analytics, and Dr. Eric Bloedorn, senior principal artificial intelligence engineer. Tools and models, however carefully managed, tell, of course, only part of the story. Data scientists are people, and they and the tools they use reside within organizational cultures, which may require as much training as the data to hand.—Editor

Technical Challenges in Data Science

As Amanda Andrei mentioned in her previous post, Defining, Applying, and Coordinating Data Science at MITRE, we are generating 2.5 million terabytes of data a day, and the need for data science teams and individual contributors is crucial for moving what we find up the spectrum to knowledge that we might usefully….

Upgrading Machine Learning. Install Brain (Y/N)?

It’s both less scary and more thrilling than you might think—and we’ve been living with nascent versions of machine learning for some time in the form of cognitive assistance tools. Spellcheck, for example, and the suggestions for replies that Gmail now displays are...

Reason for Hope

I was recently reminded of a quote by John Adams: “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence”.

How to Pass the Information Quiz

My son recently started middle school and went through a library orientation. At the end of the orientation, the students had to take a quiz to prove that they could find their way around the library. My son failed the quiz.

Growing MITRE’s Shared R&D Lab for Analytic Capabilities and Resources

Authors: Marilyn Kupetz and Angela O’HanlonMITRE’s Analysis Tool Shed Lab (ATS) program is one of MITRE’s largest R&D Labs, focusing on analysis capability and analytic activity. Lab users acquire hands-on experience with 100+ tools and datasets, MITRE prototypes, and...

For scientists and researchers: Rich resources at the ready

MITRE’s knowledge-sharing culture incorporates many kinds of resources, from human, to traditional paper, to digital. For researchers like Melissa Dolph, the wealth of resources enables her to perform on behalf of customers and to network, both of which enrich her...

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