KDE Topic Areas

Collaboration and Social Media

MITRE staff publish widely on how to use social media platforms to solve problems for our customers, enhance networking, establish partnerships with stakeholders, and even how to manage in-house R&D proposals

Knowledge Management

MITRE is a learning organization skilled at creating, acquiring, transferring, and stewarding knowledge on behalf of our customers and partners. We enable ongoing collaboration and innovation via a suite of tools and sound practice.

Cross-Organizational Information Sharing

MITRE uses wikis, SharePoint, and hosted social media to engage staff with one another and with customers and partners in a secure way.

Intranets, Business Process, and Knowledge Operations

MITRE’s intranet enables the company’s business processes and serves as the access point to our internal knowledge operations.

Search and Expertise Finding

Search capabilities connect staff to project, staff, and career management tools as well as technical content, libraries, news, and business-related services. Technical Stature pages display degrees, coursework, technical activities, publications, conference participation, patents, and additional information of interest to projects looking for particular skills.

Assessment and Recognition

MITRE formally assesses our Knowledge Management (KM) practices by reviewing customer-focused and company-internal projects. Our formal recognition program encourages staff to conduct KM in the flow of their daily activities and rewards outstanding results on behalf of the extended community.