KDE Topic Areas

Knowledge Advantage

MITRE brings knowledge advantage to the corporation and to our sponsors and partners. We collaborate and learn, using practices that take people, process, data, content, tools, and culture into account.

Cross-Organizational Information Sharing

We use a wide range of processes and platforms to help stakeholders solve problems, enhance networking for distributed teams, and establish external partnerships.

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science

We design and deliver modern knowledge-sharing capabilities that help stakeholders work safely, efficiently, and accurately. Our efforts improve the signal-to-noise ratio and focus attention on the right things at the right times.

Intranets, Business Process, and Knowledge Operations

We enable business processes and internal knowledge operations. Our search capabilities, for example, connect staff to project, staff, and career management tools as well as technical content, libraries, news, and business-related services. Technical stature pages, another capability, display degrees, coursework, technical activities, publications, conference participation, patents, and additional information of interest to project leaders looking for staff with particular skills; and other business process and operations functionality.

Collaboration, Partnerships and Social Media

We use wikis, SharePoint, persistent chat, and business social media capabilities to engage staff with one another and with stakeholders securely. MITRE is a trusted broker, gathering the right teams and capabilities to solve challenging problems.

Learning Organization

We assess quality by capturing lessons learned, re-purposing solutions, gathering team input on project assessments, and sustaining project workbooks to provision new project teams with the knowledge they need. Our products and recommendations reflect our philosophy of bringing the whole company to bear.

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