KDE Leadership

Our leaders emphasize quality and innovation so that we can build a strong, effective national resource. That’s why we choose leaders with diverse backgrounds in technology, business, and public service. They bring the high level of expertise needed to manage corporate responsibilities in the areas of information technology and knowledge and collaboration services.
John Wilson

John Wilson

VP, Technical Centers, Center for Programs and Technology

Mr. John Wilson is vice president for the Technical Centers within MITRE’s Center for Programs and Technology. In this role, Mr. Wilson applies his leadership skills and experience in software engineering, embedded systems, and information technologies (IT) to advance MITRE’s technical capabilities. Thirteen technical centers provide expertise and solutions across a range of disciplines, including cybersecurity, electronic systems, IT, software engineering, healthcare, and transportation.

Fred Zapp

Frederick Zapp

Technical Director

Mr. Fred Zapp is the technical director within the Enterprise Computing, Information, and Security (ECIS). He is responsible for delivering customer-focused services and managing corporate responsibilities in the areas of information technology, knowledge and collaboration services.

Donna Cuomo

Dr. Donna Cuomo

Associate Technical Director

Dr. Donna Cuomo is the associate technical director for knowledge management within the Enterprise Computing, Information, and Security (ECIS). She is responsible for knowledge sharing strategic planning, design and development, enterprise information architecture, and enterprise social software strategy. Her primary focus is enabling the knowledge worker through systems and services that increase productivity, support collaboration, and leverage broader community participation.

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