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Heading for a More Mobile-Friendly Intranet

Marcia Nunes’s post on mobile-friendly headers is a good reminder that ease of use is not magic, that human factors specialists are central to user experience, and that MITRE takes their counsel seriously.—Editor Author: Marsha Nunes Providing a consistent user...

Your Guide to Connecting Projects, People, Content, and Partners

This guide describes and points to resources that help staff thrive in their assignments. It outlines the tools and systems in place for planning and execution, all in support of the way that MITRE does business. As staff enable reliable knowledge capture and reuse,...

10 Years of SharePoint: Growth and Evolution of a Collaborative Platform

MITRE started using SharePoint with a small pilot in 2003 and now has a robust set of several thousand intranet and extranet sites based on SharePoint 2010. It is used as a content management platform, a collaborative team platform (for projects, organizations and CoPs), for work process capture and scheduling, employee engagement, and blogging. It has become critical to MITRE’s business processes, resulting in an evolution of its capabilities over the years.

Communicating the Value of IT Rollouts

Each of our IT service managers is responsible for operating their service, measuring its impact, managing its cost, and evolving the service over time. How the service evolves, or its “roadmap”, is based on changing user requirements, product evolution, technology changes, cost pressures, and industry trends. The service manager must stay informed and continuously question their assumptions as they develop their roadmaps. But almost as important as the ability to develop their roadmap is the need to communicate their roadmap.
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