The Blog Team

Jean Colbert

Jean Colbert is the KM Principal in MITRE’s Knowledge Information and Collaborative Solutions Division. She has applied her background in software and systems engineering to a variety of roles across the company. Jean has extensive experience leading technical projects, building teams with diverse skills, and orchestrating across partner teams to achieve integrated sponsor and corporate outcomes.

Marilyn Kupetz

Marilyn Kupetz is the curator and editor of the Knowledge-Driven Enterprise blog. Having lived and worked in six countries, she helps her colleagues explain complex technical material in terms that mere mortals can understand. She taught English and composition in programs sponsored by the Agency for International Development, American University, Georgetown University, George Washington University, and the State University of New York for 11 years; and co-managed a successful nonprofit publishing service for teachers for 15 years.

Debra Jacobson

Debra Jacobson, Collaborative Web Developer at MITRE, publishes content for the Knowledge-Driven Enterprise blog. She has 29 years of experience in web and graphic design.

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